All that you Are

Breath by Breath

A Safe Space for the reunion of Human & Divine

The Love R-Evolution

InPassion Coaching’s purpose is to create a
Safe Space for the 
Reunion of Human&Divine
in Balance and with Simplicity, Present and real, alive, Here&Now, one Breath 
at a time.

heartWhat if true love exists? But it isn’t what you believed it to be? And it isn’t where you were seeking?
heartWhat if real Peace and profound Silence exist? And all you need to do is allow it?
heartWhat if complete Freedom and Fulfilment is possible? And it’s just waiting for you to land in it?
I​​​​​​​f you choose True Love, Real Peace and Complete Fulfilment you’ve come to the right place.


Just Breathe Series


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Find out more about being a Conscious Explorer of the Science of Change.

InPassion is for those those who choose an Abundant, Inspired, Passionate and Fulfilled Life.

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Open the Gates to the Garden of Abundance

Freedom is your birthright. Claim it and own it today.

Find out why abundance is so elusive
Find out how to really welcome it
Because a truly abundant life is possible.
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Embodied enlightenment is not only for some - it is for all that choose it and fully commit to the greatest Love of All within themselves, in absolute Compassion. 

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Mansi Mahajan

Tanya is an infinite resource of wisdom, creativity and insightfulness. She is one of those people that can move mountains just with her sheer willpower and grit. MORE

Ula Collins

Tania has an extraordinary gift of unlocking deep and hidden truth, we carry deep within ourselves. She opened the door to set me on my personal journey of discovery. MORE

Sadie Spikes

Tania is a calming angel with a voice that helps to guide you back to yourself – the gentle transition soothes your soul and brings a definite sense of returning home to your body. MORE

Joana Ferreira

Throughout these years I have made a magnificent process through Tania's teachings with conscious Breathing. 
It has been an extraordinary journey of love, sharing, joy, complicity and magic. MORE

Anu Krishna

Tania stepped in at the right time, like she almost knew I was struggling with an ingrown toenail...I was limping and on antibiotics with all that pain of course...It was like something was stuck inside of me and had to be released...MORE

Simone Gouveia

I would like to share with anyone who seeks to bring home aspects, be still and open to recieve to consider a one on one intergration work with Tânia Castilho. MORE

Sindu Sreebhavan

We met at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi India and were both impressed by each other's work and expertise. Here is what Sindu has to say about me and my work.

Krisha Mondstei

Dearest Tania, your continuing inspiration to consciously choose the Compassionate Breath every day has given me a new life.
A half a year ago I experienced for most of the hours in a day anxiety and tension in my body and mind.
Today I feel calm and relaxed in body and mind for most of the time. Finally I can rest, finally I can feel peace.
This is a new life, in which even more new things will be able to manifest......
My deepest Gratitude to you...... Krisha

InPassion Moments

Translations of Some of my Creations